3x5 Door with Funky Curves - A Case Study

Detronic_41Client Challenge:

A customer came to Detronic with a tricky new 3’ x 5’ door for a large enclosure with multiple complex curves, which could not be made with traditional forming equipment and would require expensive stamping tooling. The lowest partial tooling quote was $24,000 at a turn-around time of 8-10 weeks – leaving many challenges unsolved to make the new door concept a reality.

The Detronic Solution:

The Engineering team at Detronic was able to design and build an in-house stamping die that when used in combination with a laser cutting process was able to produce the part for only $5000 in tooling while delivering the quality of a progressive die.

Quantifiable Result:

Detronic was able to help their customer deliver their new door concept under budget and within a shortened lead time of 4-6 weeks. Additionally, the client was able make a presentation to their customer with an actual production-quality part, enhancing its speed to market.